Software Testing


iCatalyst Software Testing Lifecycle

The importance of software testing cannot be underestimated in containing cost, delivering a quality product, and above all, gaining the confidence of stakeholders in the system. Slow response time, inaccurate information, or an application overly complex to use can all translate into significant loss of business, and most importantly, portray a poor image of the agency. While software testing may seem straightforward enough at a high level, there are many obstacles that frequently arise that are typical in software development. We possess extensive experience in complex system and application testing.

We conduct testing under different environmental conditions to ensure that the application will work as intended in terms of its functionality, usability and performance. We employ a mature testing approach, including methodologies, frameworks, techniques and templates. We have in-house expertise on software testing tools such as SQL Server Profiler, HP LoadRunner, and Telerik Fiddler. An overview of our approach is depicted in the diagram and described below:

  • Developing comprehensive IV&V project management plans
  • Designing customized test environments, scenarios and use cases
  • Conducting performance, design, code and testing evaluations
  • Conducting performance traceability analysis

By strictly following our testing lifecycle phases we have identified several problem areas and subsequently proposed possible solutions where the application could improve in its overall performance, reduce risk, and enhance quality of service to its users resulting in overall cost savings.