Enterprise Architecture

iCatalyst System Review  Process Lifecycle

We are experienced Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF) and Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) practitioners with successful implementation of EA at the federal, segment and solution architecture levels. We help agencies develop target architectures and create the right roadmap by developing detailed architectural models in IBM System Architect to transition from their current to target architectures, thus enabling them to execute their strategy and mission more effectively. We deliver sustaining value to our clients by combining our strong functional expertise in all areas of EA as well as our technical expertise in the leading industry tools used for EA design, development, and implementation. Whether our clients are just starting out with their EA program or want to adapt an existing EA program to current organizational requirements, we can meet their business needs successfully through the full spectrum of EA services we offer including:

  • Developing comprehensive set of planning and guidance artifacts to help establish a solid foundation for a robust EA program.  These key documents include Governance Plan, Communications Plan, Configuration Management Plan, EA Principles, etc.
  • Conducting in-depth EA Assessments of IT applications based on detailed analysis and review of SDLC documentation.  For applications still in development, we have successfully identified significant risks to the applications due to issues such as interface design considerations, non-standard technology selection, security gaps, etc. along with providing recommendations for risk mitigation.
  • Designing and developing the comprehensive meta-model for our clients’ EA repositories in IBM System Architect.
  • Designing, developing, and maintaining a rich set of architecture data reports and diagrams critical for business intelligence and decision-making
  • Designing and developing in Visual Basic and SharePoint a customized, automated publishing process for quickly and conveniently accessing the up-to-date data reports and architecture diagrams, freeing up the EA team’s resources.
  • Deploying the IBM System Architect encyclopedias at the clients’ data center and managing our clients’ EA tool suite with a full spectrum of system administration, role based user access and control, and catalog management and administration services in IBM System Architect.