Business Process Transformation

iCatalyst BPM Hierarchy

More than before there is an intense need for businesses to contain costs, reduce turn-around times, and respond efficiently and effectively to customer needs. Business Process Transformation becomes essential as we revisit how we collect data, manage information, collaborate & share information and ultimately conduct our business.

We view the business as the driver and IT as a key enabler. Our business transformation services include business architecture development, business process modeling, business rules development and process implementation.  We have successfully completed several business process redesign and business management projects and developed white papers on business architecture throughout the commercial and federal space.

Our Business Process SME’s have developed hierarchies of business process models for parts of our client agency’s orders on Safety Management System (SMS), developed process models reflecting the functionality of legacy systems, and implemented business rules and conducted simulation of the process models. Using BPMN, we have developed in IBM System Architect business outcomes-focused capability models and business process models that provide an end-to-end view which bring clarity to understand what the agency does, how it does it, and how well it does it.  Additionally, this modeling effort also demonstrates how the business processes of the individual services within the agency align with and support the agency’s strategic vision.

An exhaustive inspection of our models identified duplicate business processes resulting in inefficient flows of information, thereby leading to opportunities for application and process consolidation and ultimately delivering real value to our customer.

We have also transformed models developed in a variety of tools such as ProVision and MS-Visio into our customer’s EA implementation in IBM System Architect.  We have in-house expertise in Provision, IBM System Architect and Oracle BPM.